Embroidery adds a touch of class to any garment or baseball cap.  We highly recommend using embroidery stitching when you want to make your uniforms look their very best!  Contact Us today to learn about embroidery services.
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Computerized Embroidery Services

Embroidery entails the process of stitching a design onto fabric using embroidery thread. Embroidery involves stitching threads directly onto the fabric. While they resemble the hand-stitched embroidery of the past, today’s embroidered t-shirts are produced by advanced computerized embroidery machines that perfectly replicate your design. Our commercial embroidery machines offer a wide range of thread colours, so you can enjoy colourful and bright embroidery designs. Pakar cetak baju offers exceptional quality embroidery for t-shirts, polo shirts, F1 uniform, caps, sweatshirts and jackets. Our staff enjoys working with our clients on creating new and exciting embroidery designs. Our embroidery process begins when a customer submits their design via email or quotation form. We will then review the design details and submit a quotation for the customer within twenty-four hours. When the design is finalized we then begin to work on your order.The entire embroidery process can take as little as 7 to 10 working days and will depend on the level of detail needed for the stitching in the design.

How it Works

Even though embroidery involves a computer aided machines, there is still a need for a qualified person to oversee the process.


Artwork Inspection

Artwork inspection must be a combination of visual assessment and physical measurement that not all artwork is acceptable for use with embroidery. The simple designs are recommended as they are bold in appearance where every fabric would prefer to have a camera ready or computer generated image of the design. The artwork inspector responsible to identify both clear and less obvious artwork and design errors.


Digitized The Artwork

The digitizing of the artwork begins as the embroidery process of the artwork and design idea. The image taken would beconvert with the help of the specialized digitizing computer. It is important that the process recreates into dimensional image into form.


Printing Process

The embroidery design that has digitized the embroidery card is to create a sample embroidery. The sample of the embroidery had shown to the client as for the final inspection and once ready to begin production on the clients product.


Trim Backing Material

The backing material is used to ensure the embroidery’s form where it is not distorted from the pressure of the sewing needles and thread. The backing material is either cut or pulled from the garment hence, without a backing material the embroidery would look uneven. 


Finish Product

Finished product.


Examples Of Computerized Embroidery Printing

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