DTG printers typically have a platen designed to hold the garment in a fixed position, and the printer inks are jetted or sprayed onto the textile by the print head.

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DTG Printing

Direct-to-garment (DTG) is a method where a digital printer is used to print a design directly onto a garment using inkjet technology. DTG printing not only allows for extensive color options, details, and an easily customizable design, but it also requires a minimal upfront investment and makes it simple to print designs in small batches.
DTG or direct to garment is also sometimes called digital garment printing, digital apparel printing, and inkjet to garment printing.


How it Works

The DTG printing procedure is direct, straightforward and fast.


preparing the design

Working with DTG images is simple; you can simply send us pixel or vector images. We suggest sending TIFF or PDF files to us.


Pre Treatment The Garments

To ensure that the fabric fibres are able to absorb DTG print, most fabrics are pre-treated with a pre-treatment liquid or spray.


Printing Process

Once the garments are dry from pre-treating, they are ready to be printed using the DTG inkjet printer. Multiple garments can be printed simultaneously.


Heat Curing The Ink

Each fabric was given an adequate time to cure the water-based ink completely. Heat is often used as an alternative to speed up the curing process


Finish Product

Finished product.


Examples Of DTG Printing

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